Photo By Aaron Rumley

I'm so excited that Katie has asked me to guest write on our blog and talk about our rehearsals!  I'm honored that Katie has asked me to Assistant Direct with her since I cannot be a part of the production myself (and eventually be Executive Director of this ship, yikes!).  This is my first time in the AD role, and so far, it has been a lot of fun!

We have only had a few rehearsals so far, but each one has been filled with a lot of discovery for both the actors and Katie and I as directors. Since this is a brand new piece that Katie has created, it leaves lots of room for evolution.  It has been so interesting to hear each actor come up with their character's back story and see how that has influenced the script as a whole.

Our workshops have been formatted to allow time for the actors to work with Viewpoints for the first 30 or so minutes and then we work to develop the choreography and blocking of the scenes.  By working in Viewpoints first, we are allowing the actors to get more in touch with their bodies and senses and out of their heads.  Since this show is so physical, it is important that the actors are working with all aspects of themselves.  Also, by using the Viewpoints first, we have been able to use some of the movements from their explorations as actual blocking.  It has been awesome to see the collaboration of the actors, they have come up with some really funny stuff!  How can sex scenes and girl on girl fights be anything but funny?

Each rehearsal is getting me more and more excited for our production.  I just can't wait to share this with the community!  I honestly feel like this is the funniest piece I have ever been a part of and I am so pumped to share this with everyone and anyone in San Diego.    I think because The Break Up/Break Down is so relatable that each audience member is going to be talking about the show and their own experiences for days if not weeks after they see it :) which is EXACTLY what we are hoping for!  We are using this piece to plant our roots here, and I know that I am excited to see what grows from it.

- Ashley Toolan

Thanks Ashley!  If you haven't donated, or had the chance to get your pre-sale tickets to "The Break-Up/Break-Down" you still can with out Kickstarter Campaign specials!  Check it out HERE!