It has begun!

After several months of planning, working, gathering people, and talking our heads off about this madcap venture we are jumping into action! We have begun our rehearsal process and things are getting really exciting.

We gathered in the rehearsal space in the 10th Ave. Theater for the first time on Monday and you could feel the energy that everyone was bringing, the electricity of finally taking a hard crack at the script. 

10th Ave. Theater has been a home to many of us in the past with other productions we have taken part in, and everyone agreed that the building has always treated us very well.  Even the ghosts are our friends.

We had the pleasure of having our new Stage Manager Adrian jump right in taking notes and even filling in on a Viewpoints session- he’s going to fit perfectly. 

As the Technical director I feel like I should mention that we are hitting the road running on the technical side. 

Today we will have our first real production meeting
which will include the creative force Areta Mackelvie who is serving as the Lighting Designer for "The Break-Up/Break-Down".

There is a lot of work ahead, but I think that we are all heading toward it full steam. If anyone out there wants to lend a hand building, hanging or especially painting we would be more than happy to get you involved in our collaborative community!


-Patrick Kelly, Technical Director of CCdd.


Thanks for the update Patrick!  And that's right!  We are now in rehearsal for "The Break-Up/Break-Down"!  There is so much to be done, but we are in fabulous shape and the two rehearsals we have already had have been a utopia of creative expression.  Did I mention the cast is amazing?  That the company is a dream?  That we feel blessed and excited to be working towards something we love?  Well all of it is true, and everyday is getting better and better. 


This weekend we will be working on Kickstarter incentives, so to all our fabulous donors- we'll be in touch! 


Hurray for Art!