Hi everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying the absolutely beautiful days San Diego is bringing us lately.  We flipping have.  The air, the sun, the days that seem to go on forever- this is what San Diego is all about.  Hopefully judgement day isn't really on May 21st so we can continue to enjoy it all. 


The past couple of weeks have been days off for us before we get cracking at actual rehearsals for "The Break-Up/Break-Down".  However, there has still been a ton of glorious work to do.  In these days we have been preparing as much as possible to get the script, the rehearsal schedule, the design elements, and everything else ready so we can focus on making theater magic for all of you.


Because you deserve it!  You all have been so supportive of this crazy endeavor and my heart can hardly handle all the kindness that we have faced while preparing for this project and new company.  


First, kickstarter.  Come on!  How on earth did we do that?  You!  Thank you.  We are still collecting all the information from our donors so we can get their incentives to them- so please, if you donated, please send your mailing address to circle@circle2dot2.com, as well as your name, and the amount you donated.  We gotta get you back!  


Second, that fundraiser the other night was amazing.  People came out of the woodworks just to hang out with us on a Monday!  I am so thankful that any of you even care to do that.  You are reading what we say- you care, and you come.  Please keep doing that as we keep moving forward.  


And finally, to all who have connected and reached out to us with interest in projects in the future- thank you for this too.  Wow!  We are still developing who we are.  We have two concepts for shows for our next season already lined up.  In fact- we have already begun the process of interviewing a San Diego-based community for a production in November (gasp!), so we are always thinking, always interested, and totally grateful that you are interested in us too.  


That's all for today.  A little message of love and excitement.  I am so excited to get this first piece on and out- and am so flipping excited to be working and communicating with some of the most talented and wonderful people I have ever met, every day.  This is what Circle Circle dot dot will always be.   


Oy, I got a little sentimental.  Because that's how I roll.