We have been working it!  Every day there is a new experience with this group of collaborating ninjas, and it is always amazing.  For example, take a look at this picture:


How unbelievably cute are these women?  Sure, they are in questionable positions with each other, but they are just too precious for words! 


The scene they were rehearsing this particular night was one that played exploitively with the male gaze.  We sat together as a group, discussed the content of this scene, created a Viewpoint composition to help explore ideas and warm them up to the idea of the content, and then we made comedic magic that I can't imagine anyone complaining about- except maybe that Fred Phelps idiot. 


What has made every rehearsal special is the level of open-minded commitment that each of my performers bring every single night.  They are brave, compassionate to their collaborative scene partners, beyond able to take direction, and fully capable of making complete asses of themselves. 


I may be stressed about the amount of production work that has piled up to the moon in order to get this show to the place it deserves to be- but I don't doubt for a second that these actors will deliver. 

 I'll leave it at that.  I am one happy woman. 


 Here is a little compilation of pictures Executive Director Ashley Toolan has been snapping during our work.  More from Orgy Day are included, so enjoy!