Today we have a very special treat.  Sam Ginn, my heart, my moon, and my soul- has agreed to write for our blog.  I am speechless- so I'll let her do the talking:


When Katie asked me if I would write a Blog for the website, I almost tinkled in my jeggings.  It frightened me, because I was never able to write so good.  So I think my thoughts about this rehearsal process, thus far, would best be expressed through poem.  


I park my car downtown and don't worry about the meter,

For it's after 6, and I'm headed to the "10th Avenue Space Theatre."


I walk 12 flights of stairs to our unique rehearsal space.

Out of breath, I regret the chips and sugar I put in my face.


The room greets you with friendly faces and great hugs,

And even happier hearts once we chucked the cat-pee rug.


We start to stretch and warm up our sore joints. 

For in a minute, we about to rock some "Viewpoints."


We use the architecture, gesture, and spatial relationships.

It's a new technique for some, but Katie is there to give us tips.


During "Viewpoints" we explore with the impulses of our body,

I've discovered I'm a horsey that likes to be naughty.


We take our discoveries and apply them to our scene work,

You can't miss the scene where Kyle and Evan pork.


We rehearse our parts with improv and collaboration,

Tapatio, Mamma Bear, and Wall-E are quite an inspiration.  


The process is joyful, exciting, and quite inventive.  

But say "that's what she said," and a quarter you give.


The rehearsal comes to a close and water I must borrow,

For I broke a sweat, and I'm thirsting for more fun tomorrow.


- Sam Ginn


Holy crap Sam.  You made me laugh! 


Huzzah!  TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! So buy them!


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