There is little time to chat!  So I will post a video and some new pictures for you to enjoy!  Which is really better then me yammering on sometimes.  Maybe all the time.  So here you go: 



This is a clip with the whole crew rehearsing the opening (and only) dance number of our show.  We had to do it a little quietly this day.  Expect it a LOT louder in real life.  Special thanks to the brilliant Blythe Barton  for her mad choreographic skills. 



And here are some pictures!  The amazing Paul Savage is helping us out with a photo montage being used in our show and here are some behind-the-scene images of him hard at work! 


There are also some shots of beautiful Blythe at work on the dance number! 


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Quick and dirty- how we like it!  So much more soon!  It's show month ya'll, get those tickets HERE!