He speaks!  The main-man, the legend, the Adrian Brown ladies and gentlemen.  Here is his insight to how exactly things have been working with CCdd for the past months:


Greetings theater junkies and fellow blog enthusiasts,


After our last post by the lovely Sam Ginn I wondered how I was going to follow that up, so I felt it was fitting to simply interview myself for this blog. Yes, this may be the first time in history (outside of a mental institution) that a person has decided to interview themselves so here it goes.


We are here with Adrian Brown, stage manager of the upcoming show “The Break-Up/Break-Down”; Adrian, how did you get involved in this production?


Well first of all, Adrian, I want to say what an honor it is to be featured in this blog.


Of course


I was approached a couple of months ago by Evan Kendig and Brendan Cavalier to stage manage this show. Some time before that, Brendan asked if I was interested in stage managing another show but I was busy at the time but I told him that if there was another opportunity to let me know; and as soon as he said that it was for “Circle Circle dot dot” I knew immediately that I had to be apart of it and I haven't regretted it since.


The show had a staged reading in April that was highly praised by the audience. What was your first impression of the show?


Well, I was invited to see the final rehearsal before that staged reading and I sat in the corner, the lights went down and what I saw just blew me away. I hadn't seen anything like this in theatre before. And I'm not trying to over hype this show or anything! (Laughs) But there were all these jokes and touching moments just flying at me that at the end of it Katie comes over and asked what I thought of the show and the only thing that came out of my mouth was “scaldingly hilarious”.


That's a unique way describing something.


Well it's a unique show. If anyone has experienced a breakup you know the pain that comes out of it: The look that she gives you before she says it's over or the one word he says that finally clicks with you that he isn't the one for you and to combine those moments where you feel that your heart is ripped right out of you with these brilliant comedic moments it just creates something that the audience can really feel and relate to. We have had weeks of rehearsals now and I still laugh at how funny this show is.


Have you cried?


No comment.


The show opens next week. Is there anything that you are nervous about before the run starts?


Not really. I'm excited more than anything to share this show with everyone. Tonight we are working on our “special” show. I've been looking forward to that for a while now. I couldn't have asked for a better cast to work with. The comedic talent in the room is just ridiculous. It's almost intimidating at times. It feels like the locker room in gym class all over again. But these folks are so amazing and gracious, I absolutely adore them.


Is there anything you can tell us about this “special” show?


More information is on the way. I am sworn to secrecy. I'm sure Katie is a hundred meters away ready to pull a trigger if I say anything about it so for now I will just say “No Comment”


- Adrian Brown


Thanks Adrian!  You freaking rule! 


There is still time to get your tickets and see what everyone is blabbing about right HERE! 



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