As we continue into our second weekend of "The Break-Up/Break-Down" we decided to keep our own words to a minimum and reach out to our audiences to see what some of their reactions were to our performance.  This is our first installment, more reviews and some fun post-show audience reaction videos will soon follow this weekend! 

But first, here is what Circle friend, Wendy Maples had to say about her experience with the piece:

Let’s talk about what it means to build something.  As 20 and 30 somethings, we build relationships.  We try to build our credit.   We build crappy IKEA furniture with nothing but a plank of wood and directions in Swedish.  At some point in the last decade, we’ve fucked up all three.  But building something with your whole heart, with every fiber of your being, with nothing but 5 bucks and the want to do it takes some balls.  Thankfully, Katie Harroff has huge ones.    

Enter Circle Circle dot dot:  Katie’s new collaborative ensemble and San Diego’s answer to so many questions.  Where are all of the good actors in town right now?  Where can I have a good laugh tonight?  Who created this amazingness?  Answer.  Answer.  Answer. 

 Right now at the 10th Avenue Theatre, you, dear readers, have the opportunity to see something that has been built completely from the ground up, with not much more than passion and a fair amount of booze.  On stage, you have the opportunity to see the most eclectic group of super heroes:  musicians/teachers/puppeteers/massage therapists/engineers/social workers/pilates instructors by day, actors by night.  All of these people will tell the tales of their relationships; gay, straight, and beastial.  You will squeal.  You will squirm.  You will want to kick someone’s ass.  You will want to ride a pony.  I’ll say no more.  Because you all have 20 bucks somewhere.  Spend it here.  You won’t be sorry.  And you’ll leave with the desire to never drunk-dial again, an invaluable life lesson. 

 I have had the privilege of being on stage with most of these fools.  I narrated The Break Up-Break Down Stage reading in April.  I love these people with all of my guts and I’ve had the pleasure of watching this beautiful beast get built. 

And building something from nothing is no small feat, people.  Especially without directions in Swedish. 

 -Wendy Maples

 We love you so much Ms. Maples.  You are the best. 

And here is what audience member Jason Perkins had to say about his experiences:  


I only had a vague idea of what to expect from The Breakup Break Down. I knew it was an original piece about relationships. That's it. What I left with was a smile and a great subject to talk with my friends about. That's a big part of what the show does, it allows you to reflect on all those crazy happenings of your own past relationships. Whether they make you laugh or cry or hate yourself for the mistakes you made. The Breakup Break Down covers it all. I would call it a theatrical, "Best of SNL relationships," but that doesn't go far enough. SNL would never get The Breakup Break Down past the censors, but the mix of outlandish, hilarious, physical humor that runs though-out the show is infectious. The energy that every performer brings to this show is a big part of what holds The Breakup Break Down together. Director Katie Harroff did not take it easy on these performers, and that shows through in a commitment to every joke, gag, song and serious moment of the play.

I can see how The Breakup Break Down could go too far for some people, but in this age of YouTube, Twitter and every other form of self-publication, The Breakup Break Down keeps pace with anything you could see online and outpaces everything you see on-stage.  In fact, that’s probably what sets it apart from so many traditional shows. The Breakup Break Down says, life can be this crazy and this F*&%$#@ up, but if you really look at it you can find the tender moments, the truthful moments and as an audience member the reflective moments.

I have two reasons for bringing more people to this show. First, I cannot wait to see the reactions and discussions that come from seeing this show. There’s a bit of all of us in the characters that populate The Breakup Break Down, even if we only admit it reluctantly. Secondly, to support the young original voice in San Diego theatre that is Circle Circle Dot Dot. I can see Harroff and her crew keeping their foot on the gas pedal and that makes me excited to see what they bring to stage next!


- Jason Perkins


We are grateful that our audiences have had such a wonderful reaction to our production!  We hope the word travels far and wide and that everyone can make it out to our show- one that we really have loved making. 


More soon!