During our rehearsal process we had the honor of having some wonderful young artists come and participate in one of our Viewpoint sessions while we developed a scene for "The Break-Up/Break-Down" (which is closing SUNDAY people!  3 more days to see this show!) 

These young artists came from the Onstage Intern program taught by the amazing Kym Pappas from Innermission Productions.  Here are some images and reactions from the rehearsal:

In the workshop with Circle Circle Dot Dot, I discovered a new approach to theatre that I find really interesting. In the midst of blocking, the director and cast were acting as equals to determine the direction the show would go; they collaborated on whether or not they should keep a line and what heartbreak song they would keep. Most importantly, I found this process especially liberating. Many times, as an actor, I encounter a script and director that won't even dare to challenge it. They will stay true to stage directions, or even worse, they will have every choice and every piece of blocking decided upon before auditions even begin. This collaborative process coupled with the cast and production teams incessent use of viewpoints techniques encourages the strengths, creativity and talents of all of the individuals in order to make the most entertaining and cohesive final product. This theatre company truly functions as a company in order to turn stories from our community into a one of a kind process. – Taylor

Working with circle circle dot dot was one of the best experiences I've had since I started doing theatre. It was just amazing being able to work with other actors and learn from them. I learned about soft focus and I really loved view points. I feel it's a great way to warm up and get into character. It also helps you connect with the other people. View points just allows you to be creative and let loose. It just so freeing and relaxing. But what was most significant for me was getting the opportunity to see the cast run their scenes. It just reinforced that each actor must put their own persona into their character but at the same time it showed me that the creative process often works better when the whole cast collaborates. It just made me love theatre that much more. I could do that the rest of my life and be happy! – Jose

Since we had such a wonderful experience with these young artists- we offered them comps to our production.  In return, a couple of them wrote us small reviews of their experiences of seeing the entire show come together, here is what they had to say:

This show was so fantastic! It covered and elevated so many aspects of what people WANT to do after a break up. You know, you want to just become a hermit or scream to the universe that the sex wasn't that great anyway and you want to beat up the bitch who was somehow better than you. This show takes all those painful unbearable wants and says, "see? You'd look crazy doing that. And it wouldn't have any effect on your situation; you'd still be broken up at the end, and you might have a restraining order as a parting gift." That message it's so important; all the guys and even friends who have left... All the hurt they've etched into my heart was a joke on stage and I could laugh about it and then it wasn't hurt anymore. - Kelly


Having recently gone through a difficult break up myself, I found The Break-Up Breakdown extremely therapeutic. Through all of the outrageous humor, the impeccably honest message shines through: all break ups happen for a reason, and no matter how difficult at first, with time one realizes that they are better off. All types of people are explored in this production, along with their varying types of grief. From the rebounding and sometimes incredibly kinky heartbreaker, to the somewhat psycho ex-girlfriend, to the poor girl left in pieces on the floor; A little bit of all of us is strewn upon the stage in this both gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching production. This piece may not be the best choice for those in diapers, on both ends of the spectrum, but is certainly an excellent show for those who've been through the relationship wringer and are crazy enough to brave it again. - Taylor
We couldn't ask for better reviews from a group of such wonderful up-and-coming young artists!  It was a pleasure having them in our rehearsal and in our audience.  If you are available tonight to see their work at Onstage, they have created their own original piece called "None of the Above" starting at 8pm.  Break a leg you superstar young performers! 
And finally- this weekend is your last chance to see the play that has left our audiences peeing themselves with laughter and shock!  So get your tickets, bring something to clean your seat up with please, because this is getting expensive- and join us for our final weekend of our launch production!  This is the start of CCdd, but this is the end of "The Break-Up/Break-Down"  Come see! 

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