We did it!  Circle Circle dot dot successfully survived our first production!  We had amazing San Diego audiences!  We are so grateful to all who came, shared their love (and their heartache), and requested that we return with more original cutting-edge Community-Based Theatre!  And bet your sweet asses we absolutely will! 

Circle has a full schedule already planned for the fall and we couldn't be more excited to get on top of it!  Here is what's to come:

*CCdd has been asked by the San Diego Dance Theater (www.sandiegodancetheater.org) to create a site-specific performance piece to be woven into their critically acclaimed Trolley Dances happening September 24th-25th and October 1-2nd.

*We are already in the process of starting work on our second fully-realized production that will be performing at the 10th Ave. Theater in November! 

*We also have a full list of ideas for future shows, a list of awesome party fundraisers that you ALL will be invited to, and a lot more fun! 

We want to interact with you San Diego, we want you in on all of it, and we will keep you up-to-date with this blog, and on our facebook every single week! 

One show down- hopefully a lifetime to go! 


THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT ALL POSSIBLE!  Artistic Director Katherine Harroff is giving away first-born children out of gratitude to all those that request one.  Time-sensitive delivery. 


See you next week!