While we were in rehearsal for "The Break-Up/Break-Down" it was quickly apparent that one cast member was working her fine ass off in helping make the show the best it could be.  Melissa went above and beyond the already heavy duties we piled on everyone involved in this show.  Every day she shopped, ran errands for us and was basically a superhero to our entire crew- not to mention she was stunning to watch on stage.  One day I just asked her if she had any interest in being a company member- and without hesitation she said yes.  The rest is history. 


I asked Melissa to describe what it has been like for her, working with CCdd, and this is what she shared:

The art of creation is always on my mind.
I believe in the power of like attracting like, (partially thanks to one, Ms Oprah Winfrey).
I like feeling-being responsible for that connection in my life.
I love the thought that what you put out into the world, the universe, comes back to you.
I absolutely believe in the power of limbo.
No... not the "region on the border of hell or heaven" reserved for unbaptized dead babies.
No... not that snazzy island dance where you shimmy your body under a horizontal stick.
But more that
twisting black-hole state-of-mind where you don't know what's coming next or what your next move should be.
I like that place. I like it a lot.
Because I know, that when I find myself bobbing on those cloudy waves, something massive is right 'round the bend.
As an Artist that spot for me is Golden. The Possibilities are wide open.
Inspiration is hurtling like an asteroid toward me.
I know it. I feel it. 
Let me take you back to a few months ago when I had a great phone chat with one of my dearest friends, in which I exploded,
"Man, what's happening?! I feel stuck! I'm bored! Where is everybody? I used to have a crew, dammit! Where's my mutha-effin' crew?!?! What am I doing with myself? I need Something to Happen!!!" Which essentially translates to the fact that, as my friends are getting older, marrying, and happily finding themselves in the family way, a major shift is happening with those relationships. Change was a-happening and I found myself floating, waiting, trying to figure this new place out. This growing space. Something new had to be on its way, right? It happened to be precious little babies for every person under the sun around me. But what new little bundle was on its way for me? What would be my baby to help nurture and grow? I, unwittingly, put out into the ether a need that surprised me, caught me off guard.
Lets cut to me mindlessly surfing Facebook, where I discovered a private message. From Patrick Kelly. Where I was invited to be a part of a table read for a new piece with a newly formed company who wanted to do a little something to shake up the San Diego theatre community. Immediately, I was intrigued because the unknown is where it's at for me. I walked into that initial reading, was literally embraced, laughed my ass off while having the best time with people who I'd known in passing through auditions or from performances around the city.Brief encounters with beautiful people who I never managed to really hook up with. But I left, knowing instantly, that I was about to be a part of something delicious. That feeling only blossomed further when we finished our reading at the Diversionary. The air that night was electric. My heart was pounding. Wine was a-flowing. I truly felt like I was in a dream. Immediately the buzz started to grow around our show and I knew I had to be all in. One Hundred and Fifty Percent.
My state of limbo was instantly replaced with a full-fledged desire to give whatever I could to help make this show a success. Anyone who knows me, knows the mild obsession I have always had for Halloween. They know that I really do start planning my costume out sometime in the spring (or summer if I'm slacking). So to be able to lend my super-human skills of bargain hunting & shopping to help costume The Break Up Break Down was the best! I got to make an adult-sized diaper for a full-grown man! Who strutted around in it with nothing but wings on his back, glowing with pride. I rinsed that sweaty diaper out with my bare hands every week because I loved this show, this company and these darling, demented, delightful people. I am still bursting with sheer joy at having been asked by Ms Katherine Harroff to be a company member. As said by Brendan, its been a really long time since I've been apart of a show that was just so much fun! Where people were genuinely happy to be there whether in rehearsal, on-stage performing or just hanging out. Through the thick & the thin. These have been, for me, some of the most charmed months of my life.  
Becoming a part of Circle Circle dot dot has fulfilled a long held dream of mine to be a part of a group that creates art on their own terms. Who does things their own way, not trying to fit into an accepted, traditional ideal of what theatre can be or offer the community. But who instead want to carve out their own space in this vast artistic universe. These are people who are passionate, loving, positive, fearless, hardworking, and devoted. And PS, wickedly Funny!
Like attracts like and I am happy to have found my crew again!
I am falling into some kind of love. ;o)
I ardently walk this knife-edge of creation & cannot wait to live through what we grow together next!
CR, out.
-Melissa Coleman-Reed
Thank you Melissa!  We are so honored to have you join our crew! 
We held our first post-show company meeting last night and are already jumping into our next project!  Stay tuned as the insanity continues!

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