We at Circle have so many things to be stoked about.  Our Trolley Dances installation project is coming along nicely.  Through it we have been able to work with new artists and explore new ideas.  The LARPer play has been named (to be revealed)- and the script is evolving nicely with the help of our Collaborative Director- the very talented Steve Schmitz.  Both of these projects are keeping us busy and in a constant creative mindset.  We are lucky. 

We are also pretty stoked on our Morp event.  We are getting together some really great prizes, musical guests, decorations- and of course our very own Backwards Prom attire.  But sometimes it's really challenging to capture the spirit of an event in poster art.  How do you tell your audiences that "this event is going to be funky, fun, kooky, and unlike anything else in San Diego"?  Sometimes the right advertising image is what makes or breaks an event- and we definetly went through an evolution of designs before we came to a place where we felt comfortable....maybe.  Maybe next week we'll change our minds.  Check out the three designs that were explored: 


Take 1:


This idea was simple.  Polar bears fighting turned into Polar Bears dancing.  And also crowned King and Queen of Morp.  Poppy colors....and weird.  Like the event?  Yeah... it didn't make any sense, or really define what the event was- so now it's trashed.  But aren't they cute?

Take 2:


This one probably makes more sense.  Two classic kids getting ready for prom- manipulated with heads to suggest to those interested in coming that they can come as whatever they want.  But.  It didn't quite come out the way we wanted it to.  It's too messy- there is too much going on.  And on a site like facebook- where we are listing the event, it looks like nothing.  Basically, this took a long time and turned out like crap.  Hurray for trial and error.

And finally: 



So, ok- who is the ultimate representation of the anti-prom?  That's right ladies and gentlemen- Carrie.  And she is now the star of our Morp Poster.  This is a fun and funky pop-culture reference- (for those of you who don't understand what "dirty pillows" are- take a stroll over to youtube and look it up- it's worth it).  The colors will NOT BE IGNORED! (Another evil woman classic movie reference- anyone?)  If you were walking down the street and saw this in the window of a record store...well, you might stop to look twice.  You might call up your friends and say "Hey!  We have GOT to go to this weird thing!"  And then you'd find yourself at Space 4 Art on September 30th having the time of your life. 


That's what we're hoping for. 


Hope you enjoyed that little stoll into the evolution of the Morp Poster.  Stay tuned for more info on musical acts and costume/raffle prizes.  And get your tickets!  This event is going to rule.  Carrie and her Dirty Pillows guarantees it.