Here is more from brave Ashley who survived Hurricane Irene with the same gusto that San Diego survived the great black-out of 2011! 

Oh hey CCdd peeps!  I'm still plugging away out here in Boston.

School started this week!  My first 2 classes are Fundraising and Grant Writing for Nonprofits and The Art World.  I can already tell that this program will be incredibly valuable not only for me and my future but the future of CCdd as well.  I'll be learning practical information concerning the theater and non-profit art world.  My major assignment for my grant writing class will be to find and write a real grant application that will eventually be submitted.  I'm hoping that i'll be able to use Circle Circle dot dot as my "pet organization" for this assignment, as well as my internship!
I have my orientation to the program this weekend.  It seems like the department is growing quickly and everyone in it is very close knit.  They even have monthly "pub nights" where everyone grabs a beer together after class.  I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of great people and making some interesting connections.  There is a large art community in Boston, although I miss San Diego terribly I know that being here will be important for me to grow and develop.  Although I do look forward to visiting in the winter to get away from the snow!
I'm still searching for a job, so everyone send me your good thoughts to find one soon!!
 Other than that I'm managing to learn my way around the city.  I've also settled in to my new house.  The neighborhood is somewhat less than desirable since it is mostly undergrad students, but we've managed to make our home adorable nonetheless.  I'm ready for visitors anytime!!!