The metaphorical engine of the "CCdd" vehicle is our fantastic, (and very handsome), Technical Director Patrick Kelly.  Here is what he has to say about some of our upcoming events!

Hello Circle fans glad to write you again!

After 15 years of participating in plays in my life I’m most proud of the one we have just finished (Ragnarok). It’s so wonderful to know that I am part of such a fantasticly creative group of people and to hear from so many artists who are interested in helping with and watching the pieces we are lucky to produce.

In order to continue, however- we need to raise some funds and thanks to our resources we are able to host great events coming up that you should all be at:

First, we have our newly announced monthly performance and party series at our favorite little wine bar Jakes at 6th. We kick this off with a night of acoustic music on January 22nd where you will see & hear the sounds of local bands like The Cypress Project and Mango Rocksteady, plus kick ass visiting musicians Colin Maxwell and Kyle Rogan will share their work with San Diego. Then on February 26th we will be hosting a night of laughs given to you by local hilarious comedians like Ryan Shores, Julio Jacobo, Cory Lynn, and Jacque Wilke. Our March 18th installment will help you get in the mood of the up coming World Premiere of 'The Decustruction of a Drag Queen'. It’s a Drag Ball!

This series will continue monthly so stay tuned to find out what we have planned for April and the rest of this sure to be wonderful year. The performances are free and our company receives a portion of any food or drink purchased to help fund our shows. So Drink, Listen, Laugh, and Dance for ART!

Second- and something to mark your calendar for is our 'Love Roulette' production- our homage to love written collaboratively by some of our favorite young San Diego playwrights including company members Sam Ginn, Evan Kendig, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Soroya Rowley- and our fantastic guest writers Stephen Schmitz, Erin Maxwell, Jason Perkins and Delia Knight. The scenes are shaping up fantastically and we have some great local actors to present them. The night will come with some extra spunk, some music, wine and dessert, and a performance from sensational Drag Performer Grace Towers! Click HERE to get your tickets for this event taking place on February 11th at 8pm as there will be limited availability!

2012 promises to be a busy one for us, but it’s looking as bright as the beloved San Diego weather. Our next full length production is being built as we speak and I have to say the team is working hard to make it amazing, and our soon-to-be-announced cast is absolutely stellar. But we need your help to bring the pieces together. So come on out, have a good time and be a part of our family!

-Patrick Kelly


Thanks Patrick!  Stay tuned for more info on "Love Roulette" and look out for an invite in on your/ our facebook page!   

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