Breaking is overrated!  We are hard at work on a series of projects all leading up to our April production "The Deconstruction of a Drag Queen"  (this is a working title).  The company has already engaged in several interviews from the Drag Performance Art community of San Diego, and have a basic script idea ready to be written.  Within the next 2 weeks we will be working hard to mold and adapt the work that best represents the amazing stories that have been shared with us.  We are humbled and grateful to the lovely group of performers that have bravely shared their lives with us.  We can't wait to share our piece with you! 


Until then, we must accumulate the needs of the production.  Meaning- we've got to raise money.  So on this blog we are announcing our February 11th fundraiser titled: "Love Roulette"!  

This event will feature readings of original short pieces all reflective on the topic of love based on the interviews of friends/family/randos, excerpts from "The Deconstruction of a Drag Queen," live music, some special guest performances, and wine & dessert- all in the spirit of Valentine’s Day weekend!  Tickets will be on sale this weekend!  

The short pieces will be written by:  

Sam Ginn

Soroya Rowley

Melissa Coleman-Reed

Evan Kendig

Stephen Schmitz

Erin Maxwell

and Jason Perkins

All proceeds will 100% go to funding our April show.  


Speaking of the April show, we had a fantastic shoot with the main character of our production for publicity-purposes: the amazing local Drag Performing Artist: Grace Towers!  Here are a few favorites from the shoot by the always amazing Rich Soublet: 




Isn't she beautiful?  We will be reproducing these images for our poster/post card.  Soon you'll see this lovely face all over town.


That's all she wrote today ladies and gents!  Until next week!