MORP 2012: A Zombie Affair to Remember is only 8 DAYS AWAY!  We have been working our butts off to make sure that this is the single most incredible Halloween party on the PLANET!  We've got live acts- (Cabaret, bands, AMAZING Zombie Drag performances), we've got AWESOME costume prizes in several categories, we've got booze, and good eats, and a whole lote more.  You DO NOT want to miss it!  Our new location- Queen Bees Arts and Cultural Center- in awesome North Park, is absolutely perfect for this event and we promise that we're going to do it up and down right.  So get those tickets HERE today!  

Speaking of working our Circle Circle butts off, earlier this week we all got together to shoot our epic 3-part Zombie Morp commercial that we will be releasing soon, and here are some of the behind-the-scene pictures of the fun:  



Sam and Evan are the hard-working team behind the filming and editing.  They did a great job!

Melissa is a genious and helped out with all the Zombie make up.  Everyone looked amazing.  Check 'em out:




Circle Circle dot dot is hungry for BRAAAIINS!  Come join us on October 13th!  We promise you a great time!  

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