The Lovely Melissa. Photo by Rich Soublet

 Another Playwright for "Street. Art. Prophets." is the fabulous Company Member Melissa Coleman Reed who has contributed the piece 'Faim & Grunt' to the production!  You might remember Melissa in "The Break-Up/Break-Down" or as the sultry Duke D'Lux from "Deconstruction of a Drag Queen".  Melissa first shared her writing talents with CCdd at our "Love Roulette" production last year and she jumped at the chance to do it again for this show.  


Here is what the lovely gal had to say in response to our behind-the-scene questions: 


Q:  Who is the artist that your piece is based on, and what about their life as a Street Artist inspired your play?  
A: My piece is based on two artists named, Stella and Waylon. I was inspired by the sense of adventure, the notion of travel & escape, the searching, the instantaneous creation, the going to places where most people will not go, the daring, the passion, the call to color, to live life on your own defined terms, the need to be seen, the desire to give joy through art, the constant element of discovery from inside yourself and from simply being outside in the world. 
Q: Who do you hope sees this production?  
A: I hope that this production draws an audience that are curious and looking for a little adventure. I hope that the street art/graffiti community comes out and perhaps sees a little of themselves reflected through this tapestry of artistic experience. I hope to see our loyal Circle Circle fans, and random people off the street. And like Delia, I too, hope my mom sees this.
Rehearsal for 'Faim and Grunt'
Q: Is there anything you'd like the audience to know about your piece before the show?  
A:  If we are lucky, we have the good fortune to stumble upon kindred souls who spark up our life, push us to action and make our lives an adventure. For me as an artist/woman/human I am always questing, poised for the next great who-knows-what. Stella gifted me an a experience that was heart-poundingly terrifying and fantastic. Waylon opened this gorgeous-gut-wrenching-mesmerizing window to his universe. I wondered what the world would be like if these two exquisite forces-of-nature journeyed to somewhere known and unknown.
Thank you Melissa for taking the time to give our audiences some insight on your piece!  Tickets are still available for the run, get yours today by clicking that lovely "Click To Buy Tickets" button on the upper left corner of the page!  We would love to see you there.