Delia Knight



The beautiful and talented Ms. Delia Knight teamed up with Circle once again to write the fabulous piece 'Glow' that is being directed by super awesome company member Shaun Tuazon and choreographed by the incredible Michael Mizerany.   We are thrilled to have this piece opening our production of 'Street. Art. Prophets.'   We had the chance to chat with Ms. Knight about all things inspiration, and here is what she had to say in response to our questions: 




Q:  Who is the artist that your piece is based on, and what about their life as a Street Artist inspired your play?

A: The artist my piece is based on is Gloria Muriel.  Everything about her life as a street artist inspired me.  The thing that inspired me most is that she almost kind of stumbled into it.  I think that happens a lot in art.  You stumble into something you love.
Artwork by the incredible Gloria Muriel
Q:  Who do you hope sees this production?  
A: I hope this production reaches a younger demographic.  I want people to know that theatre can be anything and everything.  It is a wonderous world of possibility and a great place to tell amazing stories.  That and my Mom.  I hope my Mom is able to see the production.


Rehearsal for "Glow"


Q: Is there anything you'd like the audience to know about your piece before the show?  
A: I want the audience to know that my piece is a love letter to the artist, in deep appreciation for her putting paint to a wall or a canvas to express her point of view.
Rehearsal for "Glow" With choreographer Michael Mizerany

We cannot wait to see the final product of this fully staged production and we hope you'll be there to join us!  Gloria has also agreed to bring artwork for us to show throughout the run, so you might just be able to take a piece of the story home with you!  

Get your tickets HERE today, November 29th is filling up quickly!