We at Circle Circle dot dot are thrilled to have 4(!) different playwrights that developed 5 different 20-25 minute pieces for our November 29th- December 15th production.  The purpose behind bringing in so many collaborators was so that we could show several perspectives from the vast world of Street Art.

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the amazing playwrights from the show: Wind Dell Woods, and gather some behind-the-scene info on his piece entitled: "Big Block Letters".  Check out what he had to say:  

Wind Woods


Q: Who is the artist that your piece is based on, and what about their life as a Street Artist inspired your play?  

A: I interviewed Saratoga Sake. The main element of his life that stood out to me was the many years he has put into developing his artistic skills and how he might picture himself as an artist today compared to when he was young. I was interested in exploring the question of what happens to artists in a youth culture once they become adults? 
Some of Sake's incredible art
Q:  Who do you hope sees this production?  

Besides, everyone, I hope that people who are part of the graffiti art culture will see their stories dramatized in this play; I also hope that people who know little or nothing about the art, the history, and the culture will be inspired to learn more, and that they too will see elements of their own stories represented and honored on the stage.
Rehearsal for "Big Block Letters"
Q:  Is there anything you'd like the audience to know about your piece before the show? 

As a Hip Hop generation artist, I was interested in exploring the way the music, style, and artwork of Hip Hop culture might inform my approach when writing this play. Because Graffiti art is one of the four elements of Hip Hop, I felt it was important to create a space where the other three elements (djing, Break dancing, and emceeing) could assist in building the world of the play, as well as enhance the way this story is presented to the audience. 



Thanks for your time and your incredible work Wind!  We love your piece and can't wait to see it at the 10th Ave. Theater along with all of the other pieces that will be part of this great show.  


Oh hey!  Tickets are available HERE!  We hope to see you there!