We are in week 3 of rehearsals for Street.Art.Prophets.!  (Tickets are available HERE).  

So many fun and imaginative things are happening in the rehearsal studio at APA (our heros) we just had to share something.  Each short play that makes up the production is only 20-25minutes in length, so we are getting incredibly creative in telling each story.  

This particular clip is from a dance rehearsal for the piece "An Opening" written and directed by Katherine Harroff, inspired by artist Michael Mahaffey.  All choreography is by the incredible Blythe Barton of San Diego Dance Theater and Blythe Barton Dance.  

It might not make a lot of sense right now, but we promise it will.  Scratch your head, giggle, and enjoy this fuzzy piece of gold recorded by Stage Manager extraordinaire Crystal Brandon: