A collection of 5-short plays. 


Written by Katherine Harroff, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Delia Knight and Wind Dell Woods based off of interviews with the Graffiti Artist Community of California. 


Directed by Katherine Harroff, Samantha Ginn, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Shaun Tuazon, and Adam Parker.  

Choreographed by Blythe Barton and Michael Mizerany. 


Opening Night: November 29th 2012, Show Runs: November 29th-December 15th, 2012.


 An artist’s desire to tap into creative outlets is a hunger that must be satisfied.  Despite family hardships, financial difficulties, gang violence, cops, or access to resources, the voice of the artist will be heard one way or another no matter the outcome. Street.Art.Prophets. is a collection of 5 short pieces featuring stories that reflect exactly that: the drive of an artist to make art, and what limits they will surpass to succeed in their calling.  Circle Circle dot dot Company members and San Diego Playwrights Katherine Harroff, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Delia Knight, and Wind Woods reached out to the Graffiti community to learn the first-hand experiences of California artists who have taken to the streets to awaken their aesthetic visions, whatever they may be.   Together the short plays encompass an evening of live Theatre that will give our audiences a glimpse into the poetry, whimsy, dance, danger, and delight of the life of a Street Artist.


"As we launch into our second year of existence with Street. Art. Prophets.Circle Circle dot dot is excited to explore a new formula of story-telling with this collection of short works.  We are also thrilled to invite outside San Diego Playwrights to experience Community-Based Theatre development.  With this model we were able to reach out to more community members and share a broader perspective of the lives of Graffiti Artists." - Katherine Harroff, Street. Art. Prophets. Playwright, Director, and Artistic Director of Circle Circle dot dot. 


*Adult themes, and language are used in this production. 



The Cast of STREET. ART. PROPHETS. includes:

Patrick Kelly* (Various Roles) 

Brian Burke (Various Roles)

Justin Warren Martin* (Various Roles)

Sophia Ethridge (Various Roles)

Soroya Rowley* (Various roles)


The Design Team for STREET. ART. PROPHETS. includes:
Areta MacKelvie
(Scenic Design)
Bonnie Breckenridge
(Light Design)
Katherine Harroff* & Soroya Rowley*
(Costume Design)
Evan Kendig*
(Sound Design)
Patrick Kelly*/ Brendan Cavalier*
(Props and Set Dressing)


The Crew for STREET. ART. PROPHETS. includes:
Crystal Brandon
(Stage Manager)

Jon Huckaby

(Assistant Stage Manager)

Patrick Kelly*

(Technical Director)
Brendan Cavalier*
(Managing Director)

*Company Members of Circle Circle dot dot


HOW TO BUY TICKETS: Tickets for Street. Art. Prophets. are available only at www.circle2dot2.com (you can find the ticketing page HERE) before the show, or by e-mailing circle@circle2dot2.com for reservations. 


Tickets may also be purchased one hour prior to each performance.   

Groups of ten people or more may purchase tickets for $10 before the day of the performance. 


Student/Senior/Military/Actors Alliance tickets are $15. General Admission is $20. Opening Night + Post-Show Reception $25.  


SHOWTIMES: Opening: November 29th.  Show Runs: November 30th-December 15th. Thursday-Saturday shows are @8:00pm.  Sunday shows are @4:00pm.