It's a little after mid-October and we are catching our breath.  MORP 2012 was a fabulous party and we were so lucky to share the fun with you.  You've probably seen all the ghastly zombies floating around social meda post-party thanks to the fantastic photography provided by Yonzon Photography and Rich Soublet Photography, but here are a few of our favsies:  


Utopia Pleneesha gave the most incredible/sexy Zombie Drag performance ever.  Photo by Yonzon Photography.  

Our photobooth was super spooky thanks to the artwork of the incredibly sexy Michael Mahaffey.  (Pictured with Company member Sam Ginn).  Photo by Rich Soublet. 

Everyone had spectacularly unique zombie costumes.  Adam Parker, director for our upcoming production of "Street. Art. Prophets." was a Zombie Pooh.  Photo by Yonzon Photography.

Our Zombie Court winners were beauties.  Photo by Yonzon Photograpy.  

 And Circle Circle dot dot managed to survive our second-annual Morp.  Photo by Rich Soublet Photography.  


We are so fortunate to have such creative and spirited fans to support our efforts.  


But just like *that* we are already in rehearsals for our next show. "Street. Art. Prophets." is a collection of five short pieces written by Artistic Director Kathering Harroff, Company member Melissa Coleman-Reed, and invited guest Playwrights Wind Woods, and Delia Knight.  We each went out into the community to interview 5 different artists who vary greatly in their perspectives and histories of the field and now we are putting together a piece full of whimsy, dance, music, poetry, and a whole lot of compelling visual art.  We are thrilled by the pieces that the playwrights created and our first week of rehearsals have been fabulous.  We will be giving you a WHOLE lot more information in the coming weeks, and we hope you'll join us at the show.  It's going to be something very special that you will not want to miss.  Opening November 29th at the 10th Ave. Theatre!  

Check out our work-in-progress but pretty spectacular poster art for the show thus far by one of the artists of the piece, Michael Mahaffey!:  


More soon sweet friends of Circle.  Lot's more soon.