‘Deconstruction of a Drag Queen’ rehearsals are underway!  This Monday marked the start of our intensive work on finalizing the script and scratching the surface of the blocking of the beast.  Next week is our big dance workshop with our fantastic choreographers: Anne Gehman, and Anthony Diaz! 

For our blog today we asked cast member James P. Darvas to share his insight on the production, and the experience of trying out Drag for the first time, here is what the wonderfully talented performer had to say:

James P. Darvas


Well, hello there. I am James P. Darvas, and hopefully many of you remember me from CCdd’s last show ‘Ragnarok’. Not only have the crazy talented kids asked me to perform in their next production, ‘Deconstruction of a Drag Queen,’  but they have also requested that I be their guest blogger this week. I am extremely excited about all of this!!!

 Rehearsal s for Deconstruction kicked of this week and it is shaping up to be a very interesting process. The cast that has been assembled is over-flowing with talent, kinda like my back fat in a corset!  We are learning to walk in heals, and carry ourselves like true divas.  Let me tell you, it is going to take a lot of work to get ready to WERK IT!! I have no doubt that we are going to blow your minds come April 6th.

 I am what people in the biz call a ‘Method Actor.’   I like to live in the shoes that my characters would walk in as a process to prepare for performance.  I had the opportunity to attend the very successful ‘Love roulette’ fundraiser, (thank-you bunches, these wigs and shoes cost a fortune), and I decided to begin my research and attend this function in full-drag mode. This was quite an experience, to say the least.

 I needed to start by finding the dress, shoes, and wig for the evening. As I had expected this took me to many shops and stores.  What I hadn’t expected is that it would take me on a journey of emotion that left me with such a deep amount of respect and empathy for the drag queen society.  I felt judged, ridiculed, and most importantly- completely misunderstood. The looks and stares I received spoke volumes on how people react to things they don’t understand. It also unlocked a door that allowed me to realize what a beautiful opportunity I have to be a part of a show that is going to shine a light of truth on a society that is riddled with stereotypes and pre-conceived notions.

 The biggest lesson I learned was the person who I am going to portray is a strong, motivated, highly creative artist. This person looks in the face of adversity, bats his beautiful lashes, and pours his heart and soul into his art. This is a person that I respect and that I am proud to be given the opportunity to portray with truth, passion, and above all empathy.

 This show is going to be full of glamour, laughs, honesty, and most importantly a Double-D cup stuffed full of heart!!!  I thank-you for reading this and can’t wait to see you after the show!!!! I also love exclamation points!

-James P. Darvas


Thank you James for your bravery and honesty.  This is not a show you want to miss, and wouldn’t you know it, tickets are already one sale and can be purchased HERE!  Until next time divas!