Our second week of rehearsals have entirely been dedicated to mapping out all of the fierce choreography that will be happening in 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen'.  The fabulous choreographers Anne Gehman and the amazing Grace Towers have developed wonderful pieces that fit the story and are making the piece pop!  There is still much work to do, but here are some fun (cell phone) behind-the-scene pictures of all the work that's been shaking down our rehearsal space:  



Opening duet with Utopia Pleneesha and Ben Dover (Kevane La'Marr Coleman and Melissa Coleman-Reed) 


Utopia is having non of Ben's antics!  


This trio is going to rock the house!  



Watch out for catty back-up dancers!  


Adorable duet performed by adorable boys!


We realize this is just a little glimpse, but that's what we have today.  We will however, leave you with this, a short clip of the trio practicing interrupted by a surprise sneeze: 


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