Happy Friday everyone!  We are in our full swing of rehearsals for 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen' (Opening night is April 6th!) and it's hard to believe that in a week we will be setting up shop at our beloved home: The 10th Avenue Theatre.  We can't wait! 

This week we invited the wonderful Shan Tuazon, who is playing THE Drag Queen that is deconstructed in our production- a role that is based off of the life of local artist Grace Towers, who just so happened to be friends with Shaun before our Director approached him about the role!  It was fate!  Here is what Shaun has to say about all things 'Deconstruction': 

Shaun Sparkles!Greetings, everyone!!!! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Shaun Tuazon. This is my very first time working with CCdd  and I cannot express how grateful I am to have this opportunity. From the moment I read the company’s mission statement, I knew I wanted to get involved in some way. And look at me now! I have the task of playing the Drag Queen to be deconstructed in April! I cannot be anymore excited yet incredibly nervous at the same time.

During one of our first rehearsals, our director asked us what we were most excited about for this production. For an actor, it is such a treat to get to present a never-been-told story to an audience. That is what excites me most, getting to share a story unlike any I’ve ever heard or seen before. What adds to my excitement is the fact that we are bringing to life a true artist. An artist I met almost a year ago.

I first met Anthony Diaz in April of 2011. Anthony was an understudy for one of the dancers in a play I was in produced by the Diversionary Theatre called, ‘Dooley.’ Anthony was a pro from the very beginning and was performance-ready after only a few rehearsals while the rest of us had been rehearsing for weeks! The cast and I were blown away by his professionalism and undeniable talent.

Fast-forward to a couple months later to when I experienced the brilliance of Anthony’s drag persona, Grace Towers, at San Diego Pride. Grace performed a medley of hits by pop sensation, Lady Gaga, that definitely gave Gaga a run for her money. I stood in awe as I watched Lady Gaga (it might as well have been her!) perform on that stage in Balboa Park.

Shaun and Grace before 'Deconstruction'
Fast-forward again to present day, almost a year after I first met Anthony, and I find myself playing him in full-length production of his life.   I truly hope to do this fabulous drag artist some justice and perform the crap out of this role! I am honored to be walking/dancing in the shoes/heels of a true artist. I was actually really nervous about dancing in heels but I surprised myself with how well I’m handling these raised foot-torture devices. Up until a few weeks ago I had never even tried on a pair, and I must say... they’re really fun!! ...And painful, oh man, they’re painful. But it’s for the love of the art, right?!
RIGHT! In that case, bring on the stilettos!!!!!!

Anywho, I hope you are getting as excited about this show as are all of us working on it. We cannot wait to share! You do not want to miss a chance to see some beautiful artistry and storytelling at the 10th Avenue Theatre like none other before. And you certainly do not want to miss a chance to see me possibly eat-it onstage in heels, right? Well, I hope you wouldn't want to see that... but if it means you purchase a ticket for you and a friend(s), by all means, please do!!! ;)

I hope to see you at the show or even our Drag Ball on Opening Night!!!

Thanks for reading!!

-Shaun Tuazon  

P.S. I guess I love exclamation points too, James!


Thanks Shaun!  You're awesome, AND you look great in heels! You certainly don't want to miss this one friends.  And yes, it's true- Opening Night will be featuring a post-show reception Drag Ball!  Details to come, in the meantime get your tickets HERE! 



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