‘Deconstruction of a Drag Queen’ is drawing near!  We have so many exciting things to share with you between now and then like photos from our fabulous shoot by Rich Soublet, several preview articles & podcasts, a CCdd commercial, and plenty of gab on our blog!  We hope we’re keeping you entertained as we continue building the world of Stilettos- the one-stop drag destination nightclub where ‘Deconstruction’ is set.   For the next two weeks you’ll be drowning in sparkles, wigs, and all-around glam!  We hope you’ll love it as much as we do! 

For today’s blog, we want you let you know more information on special nights that are occurring around the production.  Of course ALL nights are special, and we will more than likely add some extra fun events- but we would like to give you a little more insight on our opening weekend that is jam-packed full of fun.  Heck, you might even want to come more than once!  So, check out our schedule and insider-info on this super exciting weekend:


April 6th @8pm: OPENING NIGHT/ DRAG BALL! 

That’s right!  CCdd loves a good opening night party.  We provide food/beer/wine and after the launch of our projects we love to celebrate!  This time, with the help of the community involved in the event- we are having a Drag Ball post-show to embrace the culture celebrated in our production!  You can go full out, or you can wear a little lipstick or a tie!  The Circle team will be decked out in their finest gender-bending looks and we hope you will too!   Prizes will go out to the best costumes of the night and you will have the opportunity to show off your look with Grace Towers and the help of Rob Lucas, a local amazing photographer who works with Modern Aperture Photography and recently shot Grace, the inspiration for ‘Deconstruction’, check out his fantastic work: 



Good gravy that is a beautiful lady!  Who wouldn't want to take a picture with her?


April 7th @8pm LGBT Center Fundraising Night: 

The Center provides amazing health and communal resources for the LGBT San Diego community.   ‘Deconstruction of a Drag Queen’ is a story of tolerance and acceptance- and we at Circle celebrate those that maintain that agenda.  We have decided to give a large percentage of our ticket sales from this evening directly to this amazing non-profit organization.  So not only are you able to see a great show- but you can help out your fellow man.  A win-win! 


April 8th @4pm Mimosa Sunday show: 

Because we love brunch, and so does San Diego, we will be serving up mimosas to all ticket holders of this Sunday show!  That’s right, you get a ticket, and you get a free mimosa!  You don’t have to stop the fun you’re having at Babycakes or Urban Mo’s- just bring it down to the 10th Ave Theater and hang out at Stilettos!  (Please practice responsible drinking lades & gents!) 


So as you can tell- we are kicking off our first weekend of performances with a bang, some social consciousness, and a whole lot of fun.  Stay tuned for more information on what’s in store with the rest of our run, and get your tickets TODAY!  Opening Night will sell out!