We are 1 week away from Opening Night- which is very close to selling out.  If you plan on joining us at the Drag ball get your tickets ladies and germs!  (You can do so HERE by the way).  

For those that haven't decided which night to attend yet, we strongly encourage you to consider our April 7th production.  As you might have heard, we are donating a large portion of the ticket sales of that evening to the amazing Non-Profit, the LGBT Center in Hillcrest- and this amazing group deserves all the support it can get!


On Monday one of our interviewees from the San Diego Drag Community, Fernando Lara (who you might know as Fifi from 'Lips') came to the theatre give our actors some wonderful tips on applying Drag make-up- a very difficult task.  Check out the amazing Drag-transformation he applied to our Duchess Hunny Mustard- played by Julio Jacobo.  



We love normal Julio, but normal Julio is not a Drag Queen.  Let's get to work! 



Ladies don't have bushy eyebrows!

Better...but we need some finishing details.  She is a Duchess after all!



Fifi is hard at work! 


Almost ready!  Get this girl in a dress, some heels and a wig and have her hit the stage!  You're beautiful Julio!  

Stay tuned for transformation images from the entire cast early next week!  Have a great weekend San Diego!