Hello Circle Friends! 

We are about to embark on the presentation of our third production ‘Deconstruction of a Drag Queen’!  Opening Night is tonight- and we are sold out! This is the first time in Circle Circle dot dot history that we sold-out a show before the night.  We couldn’t be more excited.  Seriously.  We are on excitement overload and it’s pretty out of control. 

All of Circle’s shows have been special.  But there has been just something about this one.  And I’ve been trying for the past week to put my finger on why.  Here are some conclusions I’ve come to on why this production has dug a hole into my heart in the manner it has: 

-          The cast.  I’ve never quite experienced a group of artists so incredibly invested in a piece.  From day one our group has gone out and spent their time, energy, and money into perfecting and understanding their Drag roles.  They’ve bought shoes, make-up, and wigs.  They’ve watched hours of make-up tutorials and of course ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ on repeat.  They worked so hard, so ridiculously hard to make this piece breathe honest life and every time I watch them they take my breath away. 

-    My Choreographers- Anne Gehman and Anthony Diaz are two of the most incredible artists I have ever met.  

-          The Designers are the loves of my life.  Literally, in one case- Patrick Kelly has created such a beautiful world for our Queens and King to play on.  He has worked relentlessly in making the set perfect, right until the end.  Matt Lescault-Wood and Areta MacKelvie returned as the power sound & lights duo that Circle has come to love and respect for their integrity and compassion to our projects.  Melissa Coleman-Reed and Soroya Rowley have spent hours in local thrift stores, beauty supply shops and more to make sure that the authenticity of the drag looks were achieved- and boy did they succeed.  Amazing. 

-          The crew is nothing to sneeze at.  Brendan Cavalier is calling a beast of a show, and he is doing it with stride.  Crystal Brandon has her hands full and covered in glitter as our amazing ASM. 

With this team it’s hard not to feel moved.  But this team with the addition of one key element has made this particularly important to me:  the Drag Community that has helped us on this production is amazing.  They are.  The stories I’ve heard of bravery, perseverance, and love have changed my life forever. 

The show’s main source of inspiration, Grace Towers, is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met.  She is pure strength, talent, and heart- topped with insane heels, and glamorous hair.  Being around Grace has showed me the fearless person I aspire to be.  And that is why this show is special.  And that is why I know this show will be special for you. 

Opening Night is indeed sold out, but we have tickets available for both Saturday and Sunday, and this is the best weekend to go!  Saturday is a fundraiser for the LGBT Center.  So with your ticket price you are helping your community- and what could be better than that? 

Or- after you’re done searching for eggs or consuming ham on Sunday, you can head to our show and enjoy the production with a free mimosa! 

You just don’t want to miss this one friends.  It’s special.  Everyone can feel it- and we want you to as well.  Get your tickets HERE! 


See you at the show!


Katherine Harroff