Miss Ashley?  We do too.  Here is a new blog written by her about all the fabulousness that is happening in Boston whil she works on her Masters Degree!  

Ashley at the Opening Night of 'Deconstruction' with Sam and Katie

Hey Circle Friends!

In case you were wondering, I managed to survive my first year of grad school in Boston!  At times the classes and papers felt never ending, and at times I missed San Diego so much I almost jumped on the next plane back there, but here I am- with a brand new appreciation for everyone who works in arts non profits!  So far I've learned the art of grantwriting, the trials and tribulations of being an arts administrator, how to manage the financial side of a non profit organization, and how to avoid legal troubles. While these don't sound like the most exciting of topics, I'm grateful to be armed with this new knowledge to help Circle Circle dot dot launch itself into the non profit theater world.  I'm also thrilled to know that I only have a year of school left!

I am managing to find my way in this crazy city of Boston.  It's taken about 6 months, but I can (somewhat) confidently navigate the T and not get too terribly lost!  I've overdosed on Dunkin Donuts, eaten cannolis and pasta in the North End, and spent New Year's in Harvard Square.  I'm also moving to a new apartment in a few months, so everyone feel free to come visit!  

Even though I'm beginning to enjoy my new city, I do miss San Diego and my CCdd crew a ton and was lucky enough to make two trips back this year.  I was incredibly blessed to be able to make it out for opening weekend of "Deconstruction of a Drag Queen" and see the magic that all of the amazing actors/ queens created.  It reminded me how lucky I am to be a part of this special group and how art truly changes lives.  I'm so excited to see these new doors opening for Circle and can't wait for what the future holds!
-xoxo Ashley
Ashley don't go!  We love you!  
Lot's of work is boiling in the Circle world friends- so stay connected!