We have wonderful fans & audiences who have wonderful perspectives & opinions, and today we are requesting your help!  

This summer, in association with LifePlay Productions, we are workshopping an anti-bullying assembly to take to schools.  We are in the process of gathering our resources so we wanted to ask our community a couple of questions about your own associations of bullying.  If you have an answer to some (or all) of the questions below, please feel free to answer in the comments section of this blog- or shoot us an e-mail at circle@circle2dot2.com.  Your perspectives might be put into our work- and may help make a difference!  

1.) To you, what categorizes as 'bullying'?  


2.) What do you believe makes someone act as a bully?


3.)  In what way have you been a victim of bullying as either an adult or a child?  Did you realize at first you were being bullied, or was it something you discovered after the fact?  


4.)  How did you overcome a bullying incident?  



We hope many of you take a moment to respond!  We can use all the help we can get as we explore this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in our local schools.  


Thanks friends!