Sometimes, during our shows we work with artists who are interested in participating in the development and the future of our company- not just the present task.  They go above and beyond what is needed from them as an actor or designer, they dedicate their time in significant ways to the good of our work, and they sincerely care about Circle's mission and want to help us succeed.  After the months it takes to prepare for these productions we can't help but want these folks to work with us after the closing night.  This last happened with the amazing Melissa Coleman Reed during 'The Break-Up/Break-Down'.  Melissa helped with costumes, marketing, and much much more in the development of our company and it became clear that she wanted to help build the future of our work. 

During 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen' the incredible power couple Shaun Tuazon and Justin Warren Martin not only delivered powerful performances in the production, but they helped greatly with marketing, party planning, costuming, and just general good will for the work.  They have made it clear that they were willing to go above and beyond for Circle, and so we have invited them into our motley crew as we continue on our journey of creating a successful company in San Diego. 


To make it official, we asked them to come up with a little content for our blog to make the announcement, and this adorable video blog is what they came up with: 



We are so excited to have you both and the wonderful spirit you bring to our lives! 


Happy Friday Circle friends! 

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