When you aren't in production, you get a lot of people asking you what's up?  Where you at?  What's next?  Well folks, we're going to answer some questions for you on our upcoming season, and some of our 'top secret' projects will finally be revealed.  Hold onto your hats as we answer some FAQ's!  


1.) When's you're next mainstage show?  What's it going to be about?  

Thanks everyone for being excited about this.  Our next mainstage show will take place at the 10th Ave Theater November/December and is going to be about underground graffiti artists in San Diego.  We are shaking things up a bit and have invited 5 different playwrights to interview 5 different artists.  So the entire production will be composed of 5 different short pieces.   We are currently at the very beginning of our development for the show- preliminary meetings and interviews, but the ball is rolling steady.  This show's idea came from the incredible Michael Mahaffey who designed artwork for our 'Deconstruction' postcard and will be playing a huge part in this production.  Haven't seen Michael's work yet?  Check out some that we stole from his facebook page: 



We love Michael and his amazing art.  Check out more at his etsy shop HERE!  You'll be surprised to see how affordable his amazing work is.  


2.)  What's you're season looking like?  

Since we currently work on a show-to-show basis, developing as we go along, (something that we will become better at in the near future), it's hard to make a typical 'season announcement' for our projects.  But we do have 3 main projects for our 2012/2013 season and can announce them on here.  First, we will have our Graffiti artist piece in November/December.  Then in February we are planning a special site-specific piece about Derby Girls.  And finally, in May/June 2013, Circle is taking a 'Crack' at creating a new musical!  Some of this information may change as the year goes by- but we will always keep you informed loyal fans.  


3.) Will you ever have auditions for your pieces?  

Yes.  This year our 2nd and 3rd pieces are such beasts we will need to go outside the company to acquire a few additional brave souls.  So please stay tuned.  We will make announcements on our needs and times of our auditions as the productions draw near.  


4.) Is Morp coming back?  

Yes.  Yes it is.  We are working on some finalized planning before our announcement- but we are shooting for the second weekend of October!  So within the next two weeks look for our 'Save the Date' information and start planning your crazy outfit now!  We imagine the title of 'Morp King and Queen' is going to be even more coveted this year!  


5.) What's the news about 'Deconstruction'?  


After 'Deconstruction' closed we kept mysteriously saying that it 'wasn't the end' for the production.  We are officially announcing on this blog that the show will be revamped/revisited & taken to the NYC Fringe Festival in 2013, and perhaps more.  We have a lot of fundraising to do from now until then- but we are motivated and inspired by the reactions we got from the production and we knew it had a big life past our May showing.  So CCdd will be hitting the road in the summer of 2013!  


6.)  Speaking of 'Fringe' What's going on with the San Diego Fringe Festival?  


Well!  We're helping to make it happen!  Our next blog will be all about it- so come back for more!  


Enjoy your three-day weekend San Diego!  We love you!