On Wednesday the beautiful Utopia Pleneesha, (Kevane La'Marr Coleman's character from 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen'), made her fantastic debute performance at 'Lips'- San Diego's Drag Performance venue!  After Kevane's experiences in 'Deconstruction', he realized he had something really special with Utopia, and the Drag Community that saw her performance agreed.  

Utopia has been picking up gigs, and last Wednesday she made her debute performance sans 'Deconstruction' at 'Lips'!  And you better believe that CCdd was sitting up front and center to cheer her on at the start of what is sure to be an exceptional life of a Drag Artist.  

Here are a handfull of cell phone pictures that hardly do the night justice:  



CCdd Artistic Director and Utopia!  


We love you Utopia!  We are so proud to have helped you in anyway to get to this awesome new adventure.  We are your biggest fans!  

Happy Friday Friends!  Be who you were destined to be!