Our Intergalactic Radio-Play fundraiser 'INVASION' is around the corner (September 9th @ ion Theatre)!  And- true to Circle Circle dot dot history, we have put together a viral commercial for your viewing pleasure to get you in the mood for all the kooky fun!  Here it is, starring our co-conspirator Jonathan Hammond and the fabulous Sam Ginn- edited by the talented Evan Kendig!  Enjoy! 



We strongly encourage everyone planning on attending either the 2:00pm showing ($15) or the 7:00pm showing ($20 that includes a post-show reception) to grab their tickets today!  There is limited seating available and we predict that this show with this incredible group of performers & directors will sell out!  (The production is featuring: Shaun Tuazon, Julio Jacobo, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Justin Warren Martin, Katherine Harroff, Patrick Kelly, Samantha Ginn, Evan Kendig, Soroya Rowley, Matt Lescault-Wood, Amy Clifford, Delia Knight, Kurt Kalbfleish, Brendan Cavalier, Patrick Mayuyu, Tiffani Tang, Jennie Olsen-Six, Alexander Mayes, with direction by Jonathan Hammond, Jerry Burke, and Melissa Coleman-Reed!) 


You can grab those tickets right on our website HERE! 


Remember- all proceeds from the ticket sales will go to helping Jabe Productions and our 2012/2013 season!