On September 9th, 2012 at 2:00pm/7:00pm we are hosting an ‘INVASION’- a spooky/kooky one-day/two-showing radio play event at the ion Theatre space.   For this unique production, CCdd has teamed up with incredible film-maker/producer/actor Jonathan Hammond to help raise funds for the production of his next movie and for our 2012/2013 season!  The fabulous ion Theatre has donated their space for the day, and many amazing artists have donated their time and talents for the cause.  Here is the press description of the awesome event:

Do you feel dread when you look into the night skies knowing what you saw was more than just a falling star or a weather balloon?  Have you suspected that your husband may, in fact, be a intergalactic reptilian humanoid disguised as a loving accountant?  Do you think what runs through your wife’s veins is not blood but wires, circuits, and electricity?  Do look to the children as not our future but conduits to bring about the end of civilization as we know it?  If so, then boy- do we have the show for you.

“INVASION: Aliens, Robots and Outer Space- Science Fiction Classics from the Golden Age of Radio“ is a presentation of six radio plays for an evening of chills, laughs, and provocations.  Some of the brightest minds in science fiction and theater from the central part of the last century are will be featured through the short pieces that range from the profound to the scary to the lyrical to the campy.  You will be put into the mindset of not only the paranoia and cultural aesthetics of the radio period, but you will also be able to get a glimpse into the creation of a radio play.  Locally renowned theater company “Circle Circle Dot Dot” have joined cosmic forces with Jabe Productions to bring you an evening of theatrical thrills you will not soon forget!  Unless, of course, the great interstellar Overlord wants you to…

If this sounds like an event you don’t want to miss (and why would it not be), grab your tickets HERE today!  The 7pm show will also feature a food/drink post-show reception so you can hang out with all your favorite intergalactic performers. This event is a fundraiser so come be entertained and support the arts!