Small special-engagement funky events with Circle can sometimes go in a blink of an eye.  But we love doing them, and we hope that you can make it to 'Invasion' on Sunday because it is going be tons o' fun.  


We had the opportunity to get the majority of the giant cast in one room on Wednesday to put it all together, and here are a couple of our favorite highlights from the night that you just don't want to miss:  

1. Julio Jacobo is back as our host.  



If you made it to 'Love Roulette' earlier this year, you probably remember how awesome he is as a host.  He got better- if that's even possible.  How much do we love Julio?  A lot.  A whole hell of a lot.  


2. Shaun's cool pre-show projections.  


A fun collection of classic Sci-Fi fun.  


3. Awesome performances like those of: 

These awesome people.  (Please note the utter joy in our co-producer Jonathan Hammond's face).


These awesome people too.  (We can't stop posting pictures of Evan in these shorts.  He's dancing.  Which is natural in those things).  


These people are awesome too.  And Evan in gold shorts.


4. The party after the 7pm show is going to rock.  


5. The pieces are awesome.  


6. We love you and want you there.  


Grab those tickets folks!  Right Here!



See you there Earthlings!