This week Soroya gives us some insider info on her piece in
"A Haunting in San Diego" our co-production with So Say We All which will be presented at MORP 2013.


I have always had a deep connection to the wilderness.  As a child I spent most of my free time building forts in the scrub brush that surrounded our one acre property in the small, rural, east county town of Campo.  Perhaps it all started with my birth, which occurred on the Hupa Indian Reservation in Northern California in another small town called Willow Creek.  Perhaps I was born with a wild spirit inside of me.  So when I heard Jake Arky’s “Down in the Canyon” I knew instantly that I HAD to work on it.  This beautifully written piece of prose and poetry follows a young man caught in a relationship with an unstable, intoxicating and intoxicated, wild-woman who is haunted by the Coyotes that dwell in the canyon beside their house.  Her wild spirit crawls out of the darkness to prowl for prey every time she drinks and every time the Coyotes howl.  The unfortunate young man becomes the stray cat that is eaten alive by the wild Coyotes.

Every year Circle Circle dot dot puts on an event that is our version of a Gala.  We call it MORP, which is backwards for PROM.  We have music, food, drink, costumes and contests to raise money for our upcoming season.  But this year we are trying something a little different by also performing a theatrical piece.  Thats what we are all about after all!  Another new thing we are trying this year is a collaboration with a local writers and performance group called So Say We All.  Maybe you’ve heard of them?  They do monthly events at the Whistle Stop Bar in South Park.  They are the coolest.  And we are so honored that they have agreed to work with us on this years MORP to bring you “A Haunting In San Diego: True Scary Stories”.  Jake Arky’s piece “Down In the Canyon” will be one of 6 pieces performed at this years MORP.  I am so lucky that I get the opportunity to work with Mr. Arky.  He is one of the Co-Founders of So Say We All, a playwright, a teacher and overall Bad Ass Artist.  I met Mr. Arky working with The Playwrights Project over 3 years ago.  We discovered right away that our views on the future of Theatre were in perfect harmony.  So it is only natural that I should play the role of his ex girlfriend… right?  Taking on the role of our main character will by my best friend and partner in crime Mr. Andrew Steele.  Andrew and I are both total theatre movement nerds, so you can expect to see us crawling around the stage like a couple of wild animals as we adapt “Down In the Canyon” into a 10 minute dance-theatre piece.  

And now for your viewing pleasure, a sneak peak! This is me and Andrew working on the Opening Number of “Down In the Canyon” last night in my apartment.  Gotta wonder sometimes what my neighbors think of me…   

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