We've been getting a lot of questions about our collaborative scary story performance componant in association with So Say We All featured at this year's Morp 2013: A Dead Man's Party, and we're glad!  That means you're just as excited as we are!  

The show will take 6 short pre-written scary stories from some local fabulous writers, and layer in a performance element with the help of CCdd Directors and local actors.  It's sure to scare your pants off!  We're in rehearsal developing the show and it has been a blast thus-far.  Here are the stories/writers/directors/and casts that you can look forward to seeing on our spooky stage:  


Down In The Canyon by Jake Arky

Directed by Soroya Rowley

Love and fear. Booze and breakdowns. Coyotes and canyons. 

Starring: Andrew Steele & Soroya Rowley


Blood on the Sunday School Steps by Holland Noel

Directed by Sam Ginn

After witnessing a gruesome event on the steps of her church a born again Christian begins to see the hypocrisies all around her. This is a story of the battle between faith and reality.  

Starring: Kathi Copeland, Jonathan Hammond, and Jerry Burke


A Haunting on Friars Road by Andrew Printer

Directed by Katherine Harroff

A lifelong aversion to cars and catastrophe comes to a head on Friars Road. There are no heroes. Only demons and the self.

Starring: Michael Nieto and Jon Huckaby


My Poltergeist by Amy Wallen

Directed by Crystal Brandon

When a couple marries and moves into their first home, the wife ignores surprising revelations about her new husband. An ornery poltergeist tries to get her to take notice by shaking up the house.  Based on a true story. 

Starring: Bailey Neil and Jesse Ray


Poles Dancing by Sarah Bellum

Directed by Julio Jacobo

Magnets take on a creepy,  unexpected use as an intern in an fmri lab finds herself doing more than she signed up for.

Starring: Crystal Mercado and Alex Schlein


A Quest with no Haven by Craig Oliver

Directed by Melissa Coleman-Reed

A teenage exploration to an area surrounded in urban mythology leads the narrator to question his own beliefs and face the recklessness of youth. The passage of time reveals a reflection on the nature of facing the darkness while acknowledging the part of society that wishes to remain in it.

Starring: Jonathan Hammond


As you can see it's a list of awesome and amazing that you don't want to miss!  Grab those Morp tickets friends, the night is going to be killer (pun intended)!  

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