Company member Crystal Brandon is one of the fabulous directors in "A Haunting in San Diego".  She took the time this week to talk a little about her piece: 
I have always been a fan of scary stories. It could have been all of the R.L. Stein books I read as a kid, or the fact that I saw "Chucky" when I was 5 yrs old. I remember loving the Nickelodeon show "Are you afraid of the dark?". I even remember practicing how to scream when I was alone in my house. I pretended to be an actress in a horror movie, and I work on getting the best blood-curdling scream I could muster.  As I grew up so did my taste in all things scary. My favorite movies include "The Shinning", "The Exorsist" and more recently "Paranormal Activity" and "VHS". After hearing "My Poltergiest" by Amy Wallen, I knew I was interested in making this true story come to life on stage. 

"My Poltergiest" is based on an experience Amy had when she moved to a house in Del Mar with her new husband. Her husband was a mysterious man. Amy was so caught up in their whirlwind romance that she ignored clues that would unearth his secret life. While all of this was happening, there seemed to be something unexplainable in her house that wanted her attention. A series of strange occurrences transpired while they lived in that house. What could it be? You be the judge, and find out Oct 26th at Centro Cultural Del La Raza at 7pm. 

The Talent: 
Writer:Amy Wallen is a member of So Say We All who is collaborating with Circle Circle dot dot for MORP: A Dead Mans Party! She is a novelist and she teaches both at UCSD Extensions and her home. 

Actor: Bailey Neil will be playing the part of Amy in the story. Bailey has a BA in Theatre from San Diego Sate University. She has performed is several SDSU productions as well as some community theatre work in San Diego. 

Actor: Jesse Ray will be playing the part of the Husband. Jesse studied theatre in New York and moved to San Diego five years ago. He is chef and the frontman/ bassist for his band "Comanches". 

Here are some pictures and and a short clip from rehearsal: