Fabulous Company Member Melissa Coleman-Reed had a great time working on perfecting her Make-up for Morp!  Check out what she was up to: 

Last Monday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Dia de los Meurtos Makeup Class held at Vintage Religion in North Park. As we at Circle Circle are in full swing and gearing up for our big gala, MORP, on Saturday, October 26th, I figured learning some makeup techniques to recreate the tradition of the beautiful painted Sugar Skull look on my own face for our event would be a fantastic idea! The class, held in the back workshop of Vintage Religion, is hosted by owner, Philip Shirk and taught by Debi Winger. 

Debi led us through a series of techniques that included creating teardrops and swirls. And with a deft hand and a little practice, the drops and swirls would create beautiful flowers, spiders webs, skeleton mouths, dots and twirls, all accentuated with glitter and gems. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit as one of the models and Debi painted a gorgeous masquerade half-mask on me. The top portion of my face was painted, while the bottom was left free for lipgloss or lipstick. This look is fantastic for a party like ours where you will be eating and drinking through the night. You too can have a sugar skull look without worrying about eating half your makeup! 

In the spirit of this year's Day of the Dead MORP theme, I am excited to try out these new makeup tips and tricks. And while you don't have to paint your face or dress in costume to attend our Gala, why not? Halloween is right around the corner and the costumes that people come up with are so exciting to see and add such a special element of creativity and fun to our one night-event. For those of you ready and willing to dawn your costumey-best, we are having our annual Costume Contest where we, the Circle Circle Company, choose the best outfitted guests of the night. And two of these lucky people will be crowned Emperor and Empress of MORP and will be adorned with hand-fashioned crowns. Crowns that I will be constructing with my own two hands. 

I am excited to see you all next Saturday and I thank you in advance for supporting our company!

Your hot-gluegun wielding mistress of crafts!

Melissa C-R

ps there are there are two Dia de los Muertos makeup classes left: Friday, October 25(6pm-8pm) and Monday, October 28 (6pm-8pm) and two Sugar Skull making classesThursday October 24 (6pm-8pm) and Saturday October 26th (12pm-2pm) Who knows... you could also leave class with a pretty painted face and covered in glitter too!!

VINTAGE RELIGION 3821 32nd Street San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 280-8408