Hi Everyone,

We wanted to take this week to talk about the exciting event hitting the streets of San Diego this July: The FIRST EVER San Diego Fringe Festival!  

If you aren't a Theatre person, you may ask "What is a Fringe Festival?"  Well Fringe festival's first started in Edinburgh, Scotland by small groups that were not accepted into their annual theater festival.  This outsider- festival ended up growing to become a staple around the world; providing a spotlight for the some of the most interesting experimental performances for over 40 years.  We are now working hard to help bring this international experience to you.

This first ever San Diego Event will host artists from throughout the country, the UK, and Canada.  It will also be bringing a little bit more exposure to our already vibrant arts community.  We have over 50 artists scheduled to entertain you from July 1st - July 7th in over 10 venues centered in East Village.  Local artists include the incredible Animal Cracker Conspiracy,  Break-through Theatre Workshop's production of "Dear Harvey" and of course Circle is presenting Charlene Baldrige's beautiful piece: "The Warriors' Duet" directed by Anne Gehman and Katherine Harroff.  All ticket proceeds go to the artist themselves!

Artwork by the incredible Justin Warren Martin!

You also have the ability to join the artists for drinks and additional entertainment at Fringe Central on the roof of the 10th Avenue theatre.  Artistic Director Katherine Harroff is hosting the social/central location for the festival and promises great entertainment, drinks, company, and fun fringe-ness for all.

Make sure that you don't miss out on this wonderful festival and get your tickets today at www.sdfringe.org.