Artwork by Justin Warren Martin

The Warriors' Duet 

Based on the work of Laura Jeanne Morefield. 

Written by Charlene Baldridge

Directed by Anne Gehman and Katherine Harroff

Choreographed by Anne Gehman

Presented at: The San Diego Fringe Festival

Located at: The 10th Avenue Theatre Cabaret Space

Show Times: July 5th @11am, July 6th @12:30pm, July 7th @5:00pm 

The Warriors' Duet is a celebration of love, life and language. While a mother searches for her missing daughter the story unfolds, enhanced by movement and music. Theirs was a fraught, competitive relationship. The Warriors' Duet is the act they never performed, the book they didn't have time to write. Written by Charlene Baldridge, Directed by Anne Gehman, and Artistic Director, Katherine Harroff.  

"We are thrilled and honored to have the great opportunity to produce this beautiful piece with Charlene's blessing and encouragement.  Taking our lead from the fluid poetic text, co-director and choreographer Anne Gehman and I are creating a whimsical dance-theatre dream backdrop to explore the enchanting bond between a mother and daughter that is unhinged by but never wavers following the diagnosis and ultimate outcome of a terminal illness." - Katherine Harroff, Co-Director of "The Warriors' Duet". 


The Playwright  of  The Warriors' Duet is Charlene Baldridge

The Directors of  The Warriors' Duet  are: Anne Gehman, and Katherine Harroff* 

The Cast of The Warriors' Duet includes:
Kathi Copeland

Samantha Ginn*

Shaun Tuazon*

Soroya Rowley*

Matt Carney

Stephanie Smith

Maria Juan

Desiree Cuizon

*Company Members of Circle Circle dot dot


July 5th @11am, July 6th @12:30pm, July 7th @5:00pm.   

10th Avenue Theatre Cabaret Space
930 10th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101


HOW TO BUY TICKETS: Tickets for The Warriors' Duet are available only at or at the door the day of the event.