Julio as 'Guuol' from "Ragnarok"



My name is Julio Jacobo, and I'm the newest company member of Circle Circle dot dot. Although I'm just now officially becoming a company member, I've been working with the company from the very start. I've played Cupid, an Orc named Guuol, and the Duchess Hunny Mustard, I hosted MORP, impersonated an alien, and sang and danced on a trolley all because of my love for Circle. When Circle started I was out of college, working a soul draining job that I hated, and hadn't done anything creative for over a year. I felt myself slipping into a life I never wanted for myself. I was asked to run the sound board for Circle's first staged reading, and was later asked to join the cast. Since then I've done plays throughout the city, I've started performing stand up comedy, I joined a podcast, I finished school, and I even have a job performing improv. I look back to 3 years ago, and none of this would have been possible if I never got that shot in the arm that Circle gave me. It's given me so much, and I'm ready to give back.


This organization is filled with some insanely talented people and has been putting out truthful art that tells the stories of some of our community's unsung heroes. It's forged relationships with some of the best street artists, dancers, drag queens, comedians, writers, directors, and actors that San Diego has to offer. It's been doing an amazing job, and as I join I look to help elevate the quality of our work to an even higher level. I've begun the slow process of writing my own community based story that I hope to one day mount. The bottom line is I believe in what we do.

The real cherry on top of the sundae is that I genuinely love these people. The members of Circle Circle dot dot are some of my best friends and have always treated me with the utmost respect. To the members of Circle I'd like to say thank you and I love you. To the fans of Circle, I can't wait to give you all that I have.