There are oodles of things boiling in the Circle camp friends.  Oodles and oodles- and one particular project that we will be needing YOUR help with!  All of the info on this and our upcoming season will be out by the end of August, but until then- we have 'Twainfest' to look forward to!  

The wonderful folks from 'Write Out Loud' connected with us about developing and performing a small piece for their annual literary festival that takes place in Old Town on August 17th, and we jumped at the opportunity to work with the amazing organization.  

Company member Samantha Ginn is taking on the writing/directing of the project and her cast includes CCdd favorites Julio Jacobo and Brendan Cavalier.  

On Friday we had the chance to walk through the location where our piece will be presented in Old Town- the unique "Commercial Restaurant" museum that is part of the historical monument of the Park.  We love the opportunity to put on shows in unique locations, and this space will truly lend itself to Sam's spooky script.  

Here are some pictures that show you around the space a little:  



Sam found a friend to help her with blocking.  

Tempting museum artifacts- check.  

Rat-infested eggs?  Check.  (Don't worry friends, it's fake!)  


As you can see, we're going to have a lot of fun in this unique space.  Come check us out at this FREE event on August 17th!  We would be so happy to bring some of our audiences to Twainfest, and we hope to meet new potential audience members for ous work as well!  

See you there San Diego!