2014/2015 Season - Theatre In Residence at La Jolla Playhouse


First developement in while in residency at the ASU School of Theatre, Film, and Dance in spring of 2014 "Red Planet Respite" took interviews with Patrick Young, Karen Knierman, and members of ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration, and the Mars Space Flight Facility to create a sci-fi show highlighting predictions and the importance of future space exploration.  Set In the year 2044,  when an American corporation,  GlobalCom Venture Capitals, has developed the first interactive resort experience on Mars.  Red Planet Respite is the story of the flagship crew (a mismatched team of scientists and celebrity billionaires), sent to test the luxurious resort intended for the socially elite.  When an unexpected phenomenon takes place in the universe during the voyage, the clashing troop is forced to face consequences and psychological extremities they could never prepare for.

Produced in the mandell weiss forum while in residency with the La Jolla Playhouse

Written and Directed by Katherine Harroff

Cast: Kevane La'Marr Coleman, Jyl Kaneshiro, Patrick Kelly, Justin Lang, Caitlin Ross, Soroya Rowley, & Jacque Wilke.  

Crew: Chelsea Alen (Stage Management),  Crystal Brandon (Assistant Stage Manager),  Sam Ginn (Assistant Director), Kristen Flores (Scenic design), Boyd Branch (Media design), Matt Lescault-Wood (Sound design ), Noel Nichols ( Lighting design), Kristin McReddie (Costume design), Shaun Tuazon-Martin (Prop Design & Coordination)

Copyright: Rich Soublet Photography

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Year three of our romantic site-specific rendezvous took us back to school to the gorgeous UCSD Campus where audiences were invited to play voyeur to the love story of Louise and Joanne as it unfolded before them. Our new tale of love followed these bright young women as they navigated and balanced exploring sexuality with their collegiate life.

Produced on the University of California San Diego campus

Written and Directed by Katherine Harroff*

Choreography by Blythe Barton


Cast: Brittany Allen, Veronica Burgess, Beth Gallagher, Cecily Holcombe, Kyle Lord, Caitlin Ross, Whitney Shay, Cara Steen, Soroya Rowley*, Alexandra Slade, Andrew Steele*, Cara Vacek Hanhurst, and Taylor M. Wycoff*.

Check out these beautiful shots of our cherished "San Diego, I Love You 3.0" (opening this Saturday)- all by the incredible Daren Scott! #sdily3

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Circle Circle dot dot's, "Wrenegades: An Ecological Adventure," was inspired by the multitude of endangered species in San Diego’s unique eco-system and the tumultuous world of local conservationists trying to keep them from slipping into extinction. 

Ed Leopold, a failed doctoral candidate, once cared passionately for the coastal cactus wren whose delicate living necessities put the small bird in danger of going extinct. However, upon failing to petition the wren for the Endangered Species List, Ed’s life spirals downward into a detached career in the disordered world of property development. After several professional blunders, it is while working on a last-ditch project to help a local organization build a hospital that Ed discovers that the will of the cactus wren is stronger than his self-loathing. The spiritual and enchanting world of the San Diego Wildlife bubbles into Ed's reality and brings the dispassionate birder back to estranged roots. 

CCdd used puppetry, music, and dance in the telling of this unique and magical production, appropriate for all audiences. 

Written by Michael Nieto* & Katherine Harroff*
Directed by Patrick Kelly
Choreographed by Anne Gehman
With Musical Direction/Composition by Andrew Steele* & Michael Nieto*
Scenic & Puppetry Coordination by Shaun Tuazon-Martin* & Patrick Kelly

Featuring Performances by: Veronica Burgess, Katherine Harroff*, Michael Nieto*, Soroya Rowley*, Alexandra Slade & Justin Tuazon-Martin*

Production photos of "Wrenegades" by Rich Soublet Photography.

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*Bonus Theatrical/Fundraising Events

"Naughty or Nice" consisted of two very different collections of original premiere short plays from 9 local playwrights inspired by contemporary stories of Christmas revelry. "Nice" was a family friendly show for the child in everyone, while "Naughty" peeped into the darker sexier side.  

Produced at the Tenth Avenue Theater Center

Written by April Ventura, Nick Crosby, David Latham, Katherine Harroff*, Soroya Rowley*, Kristen Fogle, Paul Georgeades & Neil McDevitt

Cast: Rhys Green, Beth Gallagher, Tony Houck, Kevane La'Marr Coleman, Kristin McReddie*, Alexandra Slade, Taylor M Wycoff*

Crew: Jon Huckaby* (Stage Manager), Shaun Tuazon-Martin* (Scenic Design), Bonnie Breckinridge (Lighting Design), Kristin McReddie* (Costume Design), Patrick Kelly (Sound Design)

Check out the wonderful shots of "Naughty or Nice" (Playing December 5th- 20th at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center)! All pictures are by Rich Soublet Photography!

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In support of Circle Circle dot dot’s final La Jolla Playhouse Resident Theatre production, we are hosting a special one-night-only performance fundraiser at the wonderful Martinis Above Fourth Table + Stage that will celebrate and look back at the companies’ four years of producing 14 original community-inspired productions. 

This evening will give longtime Circle fans a flashback of entertaining original musical numbers, poetry, live-action-role-playing, drag performance-slaying, sci-fi ridiculousness, a little dance, and a lot of laughs. We will also provide new fans a brief history in how our little company got started and why we’re sticking around. 

Performance selections include vignettes from:
"The Break-Up/Break-Down"
"Deconstruction of a Drag Queen"
"Street. Art. Prophets."
"San Diego, I Love You" (1.0, 2.0, & 3.0)
"The Warriors’ Duet"
"No Place Like Home"
"Red Planet Respite"
"Naughty or Nice"
And finally, we will be premiering a never-before-seen excerpt from our final show of our Season of Science: "Wrenegades: A San Diego Ecological Adventure".

Special Featured Performances by: Katherine Harroff, Patrick Kelly, Soroya Rowley, Shaun Tuazon-Martin, Justin Tuazon-Martin, Kristin Mickey McReddie, Taylor M Wycoff, Jon Huckaby, Andrew Steele, Michael Nieto, Tony Houck, Samantha Ginn, & a special guest performance by local Drag sensation Utopia Pleneesha! 

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our epic fundraiser at the beautiful Martinis Above Fourth! Here are a few fan...

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LGBTQ+ On-Campus is a 2-hour rotating installation project on the SDSU campus inspired by true stories of real current LGBTQ+ students living and working with SDSU.  CCdd’s goal with the piece is to invite on and off campus audiences to experience short/true ‘slice of life’ scenes taking place in the environment where these stories actually occurred in order to share perspective of the modern LGBTQ+ experience on a college campus.

LGBTQ+ On Campus stories include inspiring and eye-opening tales of dating, roommate drama, coming out experiences, gender and sexual exploration, general campus tolerance and intolerance, and a handful of interactive experiences that will invite audiences to explore their own reflective identities all on the exciting and stimulating performance backdrop of a college campus. 

The performance features 9 original short pieces that will be playing on repeat every 15 minutes throughout campus from 2pm-4pm.  

#LGBTQoncampus in collaboration with The Pride Center at SDSU!#CCdd www.Circle2dot2.com

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As a one-night-only special fundraising event, Circle Circle dot dot is pleased to present: ' A Christmas Bizarre!' featuring the coolest, festive hepcat around: St. Beat Nick (local comic actor Michael Nieto). The company will be opening the doors of the 10th Ave. Theatre starting at 6pm to invite locals to peruse last-minute Christmas shopping items (jewelry, clothing, artistic knickknacks, and various homemade finery), enjoy wine and beer, or get a photo taken with our merry scenery or our holiday-clad crew.

Starting at 8pm audiences will be invited to take in a festive performance on the 10th Ave. Mainstage featuring sketch comedy shorts of TRUE quirky and hilarious stories of holiday shenanigans, live musical performances by acapella group Pacific Sound San Diego, acoustic tunes by CCdd company members, a holiday drag performance by Sunny Peaks, spoken word holiday limericks, audience interactive games, chances to win fun prizes, and a whole lot of seasonal spirit to fill audiences with joy and cheer.

Don’t miss this great night out with Circle Circle dot dot and their enthusiastic love for the holidays and fun!

Our full album of our days plus some hilarious outtakes from our photoshoot. Circle Circle dot dot's Holiday...

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Thanks to all of our fans that came out to "A Christmas Bizarre" on Monday! We had such a great time. Here are the...

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Day 10: St. Beat Nick - A Christmas Bizarre!

Our 10th and final day of our Advent Calendar, we present our host, St. Beat Nick and his cool clan elves. Tomorrow is the big day, so make sure you grab your tickets to "A Christmas Bizarre" at: http://www.circle2dot2.com/current-shows/2015/11/23/a-christmas-bizarrePhoto by Rich Soublet PhotographyVideo by Justin Tuazon-Martin#AChristmasBizarre #CCdd #C2d2 #Christmas #theatre

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